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Molly is a family friendly venue which means we avoid all things that can offend. This means no nudity, scantily dressed, vulgar, blood, open wounds, ammunition or weapon props. We understand that certain cosplays involve any of these traits but after giving it thought we decided family friendliness goes first in Molly’s Arena. Molly’s Arena should be enjoyed by everyone and therefore we will apply a door policy. Your understanding is much appreciated!

Is your cosplay kid friendly?

You’re probably good, we thank you for making our experience more awesome! 🙇‍♀️

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below or slide in our DM. 

✅ Your cosplay doesn’t hinder any other visitors.
✅ Your cosplay or clothing cannot be considered dangerous.
✅ Everyday objects such as walking sticks, musical instruments and umbrellas are permitted.

Please take into account that Molly does not have any changing room or lockers for your cosplay.

Molly has a door policy and reserves the right to reject inappropriate cosplays.
Molly’s Crew will consider the cosplay fairly with their best judgement.

Molly's Arena reservation

Here you can reserve your spot for Molly’s Arena arcade. Unfortunately my ramenbar is only take away or delivery untill the goverment decides otherwise. 

You will receive a confirmation if your booking is accepted. Hope to welcome you soon!

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