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How does Molly's Arena work?

FREE! entry in Molly’s Arena is absolutely free! \(★ω★)/

Swipe your smart card on the terminal of the arcade machine you want to play on and refill the game credits at the counter. \(★ω★)/

Within the starter bundles the smart card is free but for a seperate smart card the price is 2,50 euro

There are 3 starter bundles to choose from which include a smartcard with game credits and possible extra merch depending on the bundle.

With this smart card the player can seamlessly enjoy every game by swiping the card on the terminal of the arcade machine. The smart card can always be refilled with game credits at the counter! (◕‿◕)

This is a special pre-order smart card that has a lifelong 10% discount.

Yes! Molly’s Arena is family friendly! (* ^ ω ^)

Molly’s Arena is pin only.

At Molly’s Arena fun is #1! We don’t work with tickets but with highscores only. We will organize tournaments and competitions though to get the most out of  your skills.

As of this moment it is not required but feel free to contact us if you would like! (* ^ ω ^)

それは なんですか

Ramen Bar

Pick up or dine-in food directly from us inside Molly’s Arena, feel free to sit down and have a meal.

The ramenbar will have the following on the menu:

  • Traditional Ramen
  • Souffle pancakes
  • Mochi’s
  • Japanese candy
  • Japanese soft drinks
  • Bento boxes
  • |・ω・)… did I mention we have ramen? because we have RAMEN!

The ramenbar is located inside of Molly’s Arena right in the middle. It is surrounded by arcade machines. The seats are as traditional at the bar with a sight on the open kitchen and TV screens with anime running 24/7. There will be a menu for you to choose from and within minutes a staff member will ask you for your order. While you wait you can take in the atmosphere and once your meal arrives, you can hang out with your friends or simply enjoy the anime’s that are running and maybe plan out what arcade machine you would like to play on next! \(★ω★)/

あれは なんですか

About Molly's Arena

Molly’s Arena is an Arcade with Ramenbar in Amsterdam. The Japanese arcade machines combined with japanese street food like Ramen and Jigglycakes makes Molly’s Arena a perfect place to test ride Tokyo!

Community is our #1 priority! We are weebs ourselves and see the community of anime and japanese pop culture enjoyers grow but there never was a permanent place for us to meet and hang out. Conventions were all we had, but now we have Molly’s Arena! (★‿★)
We don’t waste our efforts on paper and cheap funfair prizes, We rather have you enjoy real Japanese arcade machines, real Japanese street food while watching anime and enjoy a nice cup of Japanese tea while reading your favorite manga.

Molly’s Arena is made by and for weebs. Molly’s Arena is really a test ride of Tokyo. We take all our inspiration from anime and actual Japanese pop culture. You can notice the ramen bar is heavily influenced by Naruto’s favorite ramen bar. The Anime’s and japanese arcade machines are relevant and the streetfood is heavily curated by our chef who has 30+ years of experience in Japanese cuisine expertise.


Practical Info

Osdorpplein 771
1068 TC Amsterdam

Please check google maps for the most updated opening hours

Public transport: check 9292
Parking: check google maps

Parking on Sunday: Parking in Amsterdam on a Sunday is always free.
Parking garage: Check Google Maps. The first 90 minutes are free, then it’s 2 euro every 30 minutes.

Yes! Please feel free to cosplay all you want but please take in account that Molly’s Arena is a family friendly company which means nudity and gore is prohibited. For more please check our Cosplay Rules and Regulations page.

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Please feel free to contact us or hit us up on Social Media.

Molly's Arena reservation

Here you can reserve your spot for Molly’s Arena arcade. Unfortunately my ramenbar is only take away or delivery untill the goverment decides otherwise. 

You will receive a confirmation if your booking is accepted. Hope to welcome you soon!

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