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We don’t crush candies in our games, we crush the high-score (ง ื▿ ื)ว. In Molly’s Arena we offer the fun and exciting arcade experience that you just can’t get at home by offering the most awesome arcade machines!

We have some great value packages! Want to know more? Visit the link below!


How it works

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Bideo ge-mu!

Duo Q


You want to 1v1 your friend? Go ahead and face each other in Taiko no tatsujin, Streetfighter, Pong (yes pong) or any of the other multiplayer games.

Solo Q


You want to unwind with a solo game or challenge yourself? Hadouken to the last bust or uppercut your highscore.

Virtual Reality

VR simulators

You want to experience the real deal? You want to put on VR goggles and be swung upside down while your friend films it?
Great! That is exactly what we offer with our 360° and 720°

Burning rubber

Race games

Do you feel the need, the need for speed? 

Come and play our adrenalin fueling games. Release your inner speeddemon and burn virtual rubber on the digital race tracks. 


Game Menu

One Piece packages

Molly's Arena Game Menu Zorro


  • €30,- game credits
  • Free game card

Naruto packages

Molly's Arena Game Menu Naruto


  • €55,- game credits
  • Free anime-themes Ice tea
  • Free game card

Dragon Ball

Molly's Arena Game Menu Goku


  • €80,- game credits
  • Free Mochi ice
  • Free anime-themes Ice tea
  • Free game card



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Here you can reserve your spot for Molly’s Arena arcade. Unfortunately my ramenbar is only take away or delivery untill the goverment decides otherwise. 

You will receive a confirmation if your booking is accepted. Hope to welcome you soon!

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