Ramen bar

At our ramen bar you can enjoy the best anime food! The arcades features a big ramen bar where you can sit to order your ramen noodles or Japanese Soufflé.

  • All ramen are Lactose-free
  • All ramen have Gluten and Wheat.
  • Everything is made with 100% HALAL ingredients

Delivery service

During lockdown you can order your own ramen or mochi! Click the link below to order right now!



Ramen is the real anime food. That’s why Molly’s Arena features a cozy ramen bar where you can slurp your ramen. After a class-s mission or after beating your friends highscore. The food is an experience on it’s own! 

メニュー メニュー

Ramen Menu

  • Ramen Chicken €16,90

    Chicken char-siu, Whole seasoned egg, Bamboo shoots, Black fungus, Ito Togarashi, Thinly sliced leek, Slice of lemon, Lettuce and Molly's Chili oil (non-spicy).

  • Ramen Vegetable €15,90

    Whole seasoned egg, Black fungus, Sliced oyster mushroom, Sliced shiitake mushroom, Lettuce, Thinly sliced leek, Ito Togarashi, Slice of lemon and Molly's Chili oil (non-spicy)

  • Ramen Vegan €15,90

    Bamboo shoots, Black fungus, Sliced oyster mushroom, Sliced shiitake mushroom, Lettuce, Thinly sliced leek, Ito Togarashi, Slice of lemon, and Molly's Chili oil (non-spicy)

  • Make it spicy! €2,-

    Molly's special spicy chili paste. Fire force can't handle it.

Extra toppings

Japanese Soufflé’s


We’re very sorry to inform you that the Fluffy Pancakes are temporarily unavailable. During the last lockdown we lost more than half of the team. When the team is on full strength we will offer the Fluffy pancakes again! Thank you for your understanding.

Fluffy Pancakes

Have you every had Fuwa fuwa before? Fuwa Fuwa are adorabe fluffy pancakes that will jiggle on your plate. These cottony clouds are a joy to eat.  Get your classic soufflé or a sweet cotton unicorn!


Soufflé Menu

  • Professor Oak €8,50

    Maple Syrup, butter & icing sugar.

  • Eevee €9,50

    Home made caramel, fresh whipped cream topped of with sweet popcorn & pecan nuts

  • Rapidash €9,50

    Cotton candy, marshmallows, fresh whipped cream & a golden chocolate horn

  • Pokéball €9,50

    Fresh strawberries with fresh whipped cream

  • Bulbasaur €9,50

    Fresh whipped cream with matcha topped of with fresh strawberries & white chocolate curls

  • Jigglypuff €9,50

    Pink whipped cream with fresh raspberry, raspberry pearls & dark chocolate curls


Opening Hours

Wednesday to Sunday 12:00 – 21:00
Walk in only


Molly’s Arena 
Osdorpplein 771


Although Ramen ラーメン has it’s origin in China, it’s mostly associated with Japan. During the industrial revolution, sararīman サラリーマン, (workers or salarymen) had little time to prepare their own meals before leaving for work, therefor they instead ate in ramen shops.

I bet if there was a Molly’s Arena they would get their groove on with gaming to!


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Here you can reserve your spot for Molly’s Arena arcade. Unfortunately my ramenbar is only take away or delivery untill the goverment decides otherwise. 

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